ValleyFromToNumber of stagesKilometersAltitude +Prices (5 pax)FréquentationJourney duration by carDifficulty
Around LehSpitukMatho5552500Contact us230mn/1h2
Around LehSpitukStok3402000Contact us230mn/30mn2
From Leh to NubraPhyangHunder3-4602000Contact us230mn/4h303
From Leh to NubraSabooKhalsar3-4602000Contact us230mn/3h303
ShamLikirKhaltze3-430/401000400€ 21h30/2h1
From LamayuruAlchi(Kongskil/Stakspi La)5704000Contact us22h30/1h303
From LamayuruAlchi (Tar La)5604000Contact us22h30/1h303
From LamayuruLamayuruRangdum71004000Contact us12h30/12h3
From LamayuruLamayuruChilling5603000Contact us22H30/2h303
MarkhaSpitukHemis81204000Contact us330mn/1h3
MarkhaChillingHemis6802500Contact us32h30/1h3
ChanthangRumtseTso Moriri71003000950€ 23h/7h4
ChangthangRumtseKibber142005000Contact us13h/5h Manali4
ZanskarLamayuruPadum91505500Contact us22h30/18h(2j)03-Apr
ZanskarSkumpattaPadum4-5603000800€ 26h/18h(2j)3
ZanskarHemisPadum101505000Contact us11h30/18h(2j)4
ZanskarPhuktal via Stongde La4-5802500Contact us218h/18h3
ZanskarLamayuruDarcha18/203008500Contact us22h30/7h Manali4
ZanskarRangdumPadum91304000Contact us112h/18h(2j)4
Zanskar/ChangthangPadumTso Moriri152506500Contact us218h(2j)/7h4
Markha/ChangthangHemisTso Moriri132006000Contact us21h/7h4
CheddharChillingNyerak ou Lingshed5-980/120/Contact us22h30/2h303
Running TrailContact usContact usContact us

(*): from 1 (almost alone) to 4 (very busy)

(**) : 1: easy (short distance, low technicality), 2: medium 3: difficult 4: expert

It is possible to combine some treks. Contact us.

All prices above are from Leh airport to Leh airport (pick up at Leh airport at the beginning of the trip; and drop off to Leh airport at the end of the trip)

  • Included in the price:

Accommodation and breakfast in Leh (beginning and end of the trip)
Transfers from the hotel to the airport
Transport, accommodation, meals during the trek
Possible permits for access to some areas of Ladakh

  • Not included in the price:

Transport by plane
Lunch and dinner in Leh
Entrances to monuments/monasteries
Taxi to visit around Leh
Drinks other than “water and tea” during the trek