Trekking in Ladakh and Zanskar is a guarantee to discover sublime landscapes. This is also a way to feel/live a new culture, new traditions, a new vision of life. It is a magnificent human adventure, made of beautiful, wise and surprising meetings.

To experience such a journey, Authentic Zanskar relies on strong values :

  • Authenticity : exceptional, sublime, unique. Tsultim offers you a trip with a most exhilarating and picturesque atmosphere (unusual places, sharing everyday life with the inhabitants…)
  • Family spirit : Be an actor on your trip, go solo or in a small group. Unforgettable moments, where we meet again, where we connect to the essential, where we create magical moments of sharing and complicity forever engraved in the memory.
  • Eco-tourism : responsible travel in natural environments where people’s resources and well-being are preserved; income and other benefits from the activity directly benefit the village of Tsultim and the Zanskari community.