One of the great classics of Zanskar! Extraordinary landscapes, wild nature, small suspended paths linking villages cut off from the world for most of the year.

10-day long version trek (Lamayuru to Padum), possibility of shortening (4 to 6 days, departure from Photoksar or the northern camp of Singe La or Skumpatta); possibility of making “variants”, especially from Rangdum (Ask us for more informations).

This trek is possible with children (a minimum of training is required; two three “air” passages). It is also possible to shorten the stages (stages from 7 to 10 kilometres per day).

(Maximum altitude difference 1000m/day, maximum altitude 5000m/day; night in a tent, possibility to stay with a local at the end of the trek; transfer from and to Leh in a 4*4. Warning: from Padum, the return is generally made over two days, night in a nunnery).

Possibility to combine this offer with mini treks around Padum (including a 2 to 4 day trek to the monastery of Phuktal).

Trekking in Zanskar: Lamayuru-Padum (10 days, 150km, 5500 meters of altitude difference) :

Level :

Difficulty * 3

Landscapes ** 4

Culture ** 3

Few visitors

* easy (short distance, low technicality), 2: medium 3: difficult 4: expert

**  (little “natural” or “cultural” interest) to 4 (grandiose landscapes, great cultural interest)